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Resource Room

The resource room in the school provides the audio-visual aids to the students for conceptual clarity. The teachers develop teaching aids and an integrated approach to improve classroom teaching with the help of the resources provided here. The students are given Congenial Environment to develop creativity through pair work and group work.


The Library is well stocked with various books, magazines etc. to cater the needs of the students to develop reading habits among them. They learn to read in groups and discuss their reading experiences.


School has very well equipped and modern Physics lab, Chemistry Lab and Biology lab for our young budding scientists, 3 Computer labs equipped with Intel core 2 dual processor computers in the school. Mathematics lab is an effort to make the curriculum transaction of the subject more meaningful. Science Lab gives exposure to the inquisitive & young mind to the world of experiments.

Language Lab

An ultramodern & well equipped language lab has been set up in the school to enhance & improve listening and speaking skills of the students.

Smart Classes

All the classrooms from class I to X are equipped with the smart classes to keep a pace with the changing technology and methodology in the field of education, making the classrooms more interactive & happy place to learn.

Activity Resources

Music Room

The music room is well equipped with various instruments to train the students in music with a special training to future artists.

Art & Craft Room

The creativity & imagination of the students are given shapes in the art & craft room. The

students having talent are given guidance so that they can develop it to become good artists at the state  and national level.

Games Room

The games room is well equipped to provide recreation to the students and make them physically fit & strong. Special training is given to future players for chess, Table-Tennis, Carom etc.

Yoga Room

The regular yoga classes help the students improve their concentration level, memory skills and encourage physical fitness.

AV Aid Room

The mini theatre with perfect ambience leaves an indelible impression on the young minds who spend some time there for workshops, programmes and training session.

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