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Transport System


  • There is no better way than personally dropping and picking up your child.
  • Private Transportation in the form of car pools could also save a lot of time.
  • The school has engaged Transporters and is running a transport network which like any public transport would have its constraints.
  • All the students using the school bus are expected to be ready at least five minute before the expected time of the arrival of the bus.
  • The need to adhere to pickup and drop down points of paramount importance as it saves time for all.
  • Personally seeing your child off in the bus and assisting him in crossing the road is advisable.
  • The bus driver and conductor have been briefed with regard to the conduct and care of the children in their bus.
  • The bus driver has to reach school on time and so will not be able to wait beyond the prescribed pick up time.
  • Please be patient as the bus driver is dealing with many children and variant road conditions.
  • While hiring an Auto Rikhshaw or privateVan, please ensure that the necessary Police verification is done.
  • For bus complaints, please give a written complaint to the transport in-charge and a copy to the Principal.

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