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Promotion Policies

The school adopts a 'No Bag-no Homework' policy (For class I only) as it wants the students to have a  pleasant childhood with no burden on them. Innovative & colourful worksheets & activities will ensure that they learn with them.

Each Academic year has been divided into two Terms:

 First Term: WT1 (10%) + WT2 (10%) +UT1 (30%) = 50%

 Second Term: WT3 (10%) + WT4 (10%) + UT2 (30%) =50%


FA- Formative Assessment: School based internal assessment

SA- Summative Assessment: Term end question paper based examination


  • To qualify in a  subject under scholastic areas, a candidate must obtain minimum of Grade D
  • Those students who have obtained grade E1 or E2 in the subjects under scholastic areas have to improve their performance to qualify the subject(s).

Wilful breach of examination rules is punishable with expulsion from the examination room or if discovered subsequently, cancellation of paper. In all cases the decision of the Principal shall be final.

For reasons such as unsatisfactory progress in studies, failing in 3 or more than three subjects, insufficient attendance, indiscipline or serious misconduct, a student may be debarred from the examination /may not be allowed renewal of admission.


Non -scholastic performance grades are allocated to the students on the basis of the following criteria:

  1.          Art Education: Based on the student’s overall performance in Drawing, Music and Dance.
  2.          Health Education: Based on general  report from the PTI.
  3.          Regularity: Based on total meetings attended by the student out of the maximum meetings.
  4.          Punctuality: Based on remarks in the diary regarding late coming.
  5.          Discipline: Based on remarks in the diary by any teacher regarding indiscipline behaviour/ homework not done etc.
  6.          Attitude towards teachers, classmates: Based on Teacher’s observation.
  7.          Attitude towards School programmes: Based on participation in various School programmes like Annual Function, Foundation Day etc.
  8.          Extra Reading: Based on reading habits and library record.
  9.          Public Speaking: Based on participation in debates, speeches, elocution, news reading/ thoughts etc in assembly.
  10.          Music /Dance /Dramatics/ Drawing and Painting / Games and Sports: Based on Inter School, Inter- House or State / District/ National level participation.
  11.          Physical Education: Based on observation by Physical Education Teacher during the games period.
  12.           Life Skills: Based on thinking, social and emotional skills.


Overall performance of the student is based on the achievement in the Scholastic areas as well as Co- scholastic Areas and Activities.


For class XI, there will be Two Term Exams and Four Unit Tests. For class XII, there will be First Term Exam, Three Unit Tests and Pre-board Exam. Minimum pass percentage for class XI and XII is 33% as per CBSE guidelines. Attendance in all Exams and tests is compulsory.


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